Alternative Investment Strategies For Foundations, Pensions, And Trusts

Foundation, pension and trust managers found the key to portfolio management—and solid returns—it’s having the right asset mix. We believe alternative investments are an important part of that mix, and rightfully so. Some of the most exciting investment opportunities come from ‘the real economy.’ At Circle Squared, our team searches the globe for alternative strategies that have performed well without correlating with your other investments. Once we identify potential investments, we apply a methodical screening process to these opportunities before offering them to you.

Circle Squared’s team has experience managing portfolios that rely heavily on alternative investments. We can offer you the vetted investment options you need to help build diverse, long-term growth portfolios for your clients. In addition, we handle much of the administrative and regulatory paperwork for you.

A Professional Resource

As a pension, trust and portfolio manager, you are not just responsible for long-term yields on your clients’ investments. Organizations, families, employees and trustees often have their own opinions about the types of goods and services they wish to support. At Circle Squared, we can help you recommend investments that reflect your client organization’s investment philosophy, philanthropic interests, the needs of their employees or trustees, and their long-term financial goals.

We also know that you may be busy, which is why we offer a turnkey platform to serve managers who want to offer a wider selection of alternative investments to their clients and stakeholders. We provide due diligence, management and oversight that rival the best in the industry. We take care of the behind-the-scenes work so that you have more time to educate and advise your clients.

Contact us if you are ready to explore some exciting new alternative investing models for your clients.