“There are three classes of people: those who see, those who see when they are shown and those who do not see.”

Independent Financial Advisors, RIAs, Family Offices, Trusts, Pensions, & Foundations

If you are a Registered Investment Adviser, Family Office, Trust, Pension, or Foundation looking for revolutionary new ways to serve your clients, Circle Squared has a lot to offer. We make high-quality alternative investments accessible to independent financial advisors and their high net worth clients. Alternatives offer your clients attractive new options, and they give you an exciting way to differentiate your services.

The Circle Squared alternative investment community was established to help you integrate alternative market investment strategies into your service offerings. We provide education, guidance and support to help you shift your clients into a whole new way of thinking about long term investment strategies.

Are you looking for a new way to advise your clients? We can help.

Individual Investors

While we work exclusively with independent financial advisors, there’s plenty in our alternative investment community for individual investors, too. If you are an investor who wants to learn more about investing in the real economy—investments that are connected to tangible assets, blockbuster ideas, and real communities—we encourage you to check out our educational content.  Our ideal investor is one who is inquisitive, searching, and demands the best.

If you think alternative strategies are right for you, ask your independent financial advisor to become part of our alternative investment community. We can help him or her get up to speed on alternative market investing, and we have plenty of investment opportunities for your advisor to put in place for you. Or we can refer you to one of our registered financial advisor partners.

If you are a self-motivated investor who wants to learn more about alternative market investment strategies, join our community. It’s free.