We’re Reinventing The Way You Invest.

Here at Circle Squared, we are making what we believe are high-quality alternative investments available to independent financial advisors and their high net worth clients. That means streamlined access to a whole class of investments that previously was mostly commonly only available to large institutions — from private real estate to precious metals to direct investment in private companies. If you are an independent Registered Investment Adviser, you’ll have an exciting new range of alternative investment strategies options.

Why Do We Call Ourselves Circle Squared?

Since ancient times, mathematicians have struggled to draw a circle and a square of exactly the same area using only a straightedge and a compass. “Squaring the circle,” has come to mean “attempting the impossible.” We hope our name, Circle Squared, comes to represent the complexities of alternative strategies and the elegant simplicity of our approach.

A University Truth

Today, some of the largest university endowments put less than 25 percent of their holdings into stocks and invest more than 50 percent in alternatives. In fact, according to its annual report, Yale University, with one of the largest endowments, invests nearly 80 percent in alternatives! Why? Because they’ve discovered that alternative investment strategies can be a good match for a long term investment horizon. In some cases, alternatives can offer the same or better returns and less correlated volatility than traditional instruments.

We believe that real-world alternative investments –although still subject to a variety of other risk factors* – remove the fickleness of the public markets, and that’s why savvy investors are turning to them.

*Before committing to any alternative investment, it’s important to refer to the risk factors specified in the offering documents.

Taming A Turbulent Marketplace

In the past, the alternative market place has been difficult to navigate. It takes considerable resources and experience to tell the good opportunities from the bad. That’s where we come in. We aim to handle the due diligence and compliance details for you.

How do we do it? We have assembled an extraordinary team to find and vet a diverse array of opportunities that lie outside the traditional marketplace. We provide guidance, support, and tools to select and manage alternative investments for your clients.

We are Circle Squared, member of a broad network of creative investment managers and innovative thought leaders. Our relationships empower us as we strive to deliver on our commitment to creating greater wealth through alternative investing.

We have experienced people working for you, helping you develop smart alternative investment strategies. All of our managers go through a methodical screening process before coming on board. This group of select professionals collaborates to research, analyze, and select what we believe to be the most promising alternative market strategies in the world.

What Are Alternative Investments?

Alternative investments include any investment found outside the traditional public marketplace. Many of them are all around us, in the real world. Think real estate, natural resources like gold or precious metals, and direct investment in private businesses. Other types of alternatives include structured debt, hedge funds, and private equity. Our world-class committee of experts researches and selects what we believe to be the most promising opportunities so you can feel confident making recommendations to your clients.