Turnkey Asset Management Platform

Many advisors have been hesitant to invest in alternative markets because they don’t have the resources to make informed decisions. At Circle Squared, we have developed a turnkey platform that offers methodical research on alternative strategies available. Our asset management platform can make it easy for you to provide clients with a well-diversified portfolio in an easy-to-understand, simple format.

Here’s what our turnkey platform will provide:

  • Research on alternative investments
  • Analysis and modeling
  • Reporting
  • Proposals
  • Investment selections
  • Monitoring
  • Relevant regulatory information
  • Administration operations

We offer you possible solutions from start to finish—we’ll take care of the behind-the-scenes work. That way, you can stay focused on what drives wealth for you: adding new clients and building better relationships with the ones you have.

Are you ready to explore investing in the real economy for your clients? Contact us.

Assets A La Carte

For those advisors wishing to retain their existing platforms, we’ve worked hard to create an ‘alternative’ solution. No turnkey platform is required. We’ll show you how we can integrate with your systems so that you can still offer your clients what we believe to be the best-in-class opportunities.