“The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding.”

Real Investing

At Circle Squared, we’re reinventing the way people invest. We offer groundbreaking alternative investment education and innovative tools for independent financial advisors who want to go beyond the stale ratios of diversification and explore alternative markets for their clients. We provide access, education, and oversight to this exciting class of investments. At Circle Squared, we are making alternative market strategies and endowment model investing—once the domain of universities and other large institutions—accessible to those who want to explore this unfamiliar path. Together, we can lead clients beyond Wall Street and into in the real economy.

Exclusive Access

We created Circle Squared to make alternative market investments more accessible to independent financial advisors and their high net worth clients. At work for you is a hand-picked group of CEOs, CIOs, economists, and financial experts who have a focused experience with alternative investments—including real estate, private equity, venture capital, natural resources, and other alternative market opportunities. Our goal is to create a due diligence process that is among the most comprehensive, yielding a stream of vetted alternative investment options you can recommend with confidence.

The Knowledge You Need

Seasoned investment counselors can’t recommend something they don’t firmly understand. That’s why Circle Squared is committed to alternative investment education, which we’ve designed specifically for independent financial advisors. We’ll show you how to work with alternative market opportunities and help you navigate a path that is right for your investors.

Through our online community, you can grow more knowledgeable about alternative asset classes: what they mean, how to analyze them, and how to match the right ones to your clients. We offer you ongoing research, expert forums, webcasts, and in-depth articles—all available to you at no charge.

We aspire to be your go-to resource for alternative market investing. Together, we can shake up the status quo and capitalize on the real economy, so you can offer your clients a refreshing new way to create long-term wealth.

Guidance And Tools

One of the biggest obstacles to alternative market investing is its complexity. Alternative markets have unique characteristics, opportunities and risks, so conducting due diligence requires a high degree of skill and the bandwidth to do it.

At Circle Squared, we help simplify the process so you can focus on your clients.

When you enter our circle, you get:

  1. Access to vetted alternative market strategies
  2. Ongoing education on how to be successful in alternative markets
  3. A turnkey platform that provides due diligence, monitoring, and administrative support
  4. A simple, easy way to shift your clients into wealth-producing alternative strategies

At Circle Squared, we win when you win. That’s because we believe investing in alternatives should be easy and natural. Together, we can create lasting wealth for your clients.

Ready to offer your clients an alternative? Contact us today.