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Alternative investments come with a lot of complexity.
At Circle Squared, we endeavor to handle
most of the details for you. So your clients’ dreams can take flight.

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We believe leading university endowments have returned to investing fundamentals. Find out what they do differently and what it means for individual investors.



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Alternative Investment Solutions for Independent Financial Advisors

Enter the Circle. At Circle Squared, we’re giving independent financial advisors, their high net worth clients, and family offices  access to alternative investments. Until now, many of these investments have been available only to large institutions, including many of the world’s biggest university endowments. We’ve assembled a team to make the process of investing in alternatives easier and less cumbersome so that you can offer your clients a more diverse and rewarding portfolio.

Welcome to the real economy. If you are tired of the rollercoaster ride and volatile returns of stocks, bonds, and index funds, consider this: alternative investments provide welcome diversity in an increasingly homogeneous investment landscape. We believe many of the alternative investment solutions we offer derive their value from the real-world marketplace, not the artificially manipulated environment of Wall Street. With Circle Squared, you can guide your clients to invest directly in private businesses, real estate, natural resources, and numerous other alternative markets. In a world of uncertainty and cynicism, we bring a refreshing, back-to-basics approach to investing.

Keys to prosperity. We understand that many investors and advisors are new to alternative investing. To help you understand alternatives — and to make it easy for advisors to manage them — we’ve developed a methodical program of education, guidance, and support. And for Registered Investment Advisers who are looking for a simplified way to deliver their services, we offer a powerful turnkey portfolio platform that streamlines the purchase, sale, and management of both alternative and traditional investments.